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Leveling can be a confusing subject to understand.  Flat vs Level? Flooring warranty, How it’s done, ect… Watch this leveling video to better your understanding of leveling and what to expect.


The reality is that all hard surface flooring requires a subfloor that is ideally level, but even more importantly – truly und utterly FLAT. Whether you are floating your floor over underlay; or fixing it down with staples or cleats for a nail down installation; or using a full spread adhesive or mortar for a glue down or tile installation – it may be laminate wood tile or stone – Today’s Flooring really begins with the condition of your sub floor.

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The seriousness of this cannot be over stated. Furthermore, the importance of a flat sub floor is now is more crucial than ever because flooring of all kinds are now getting larger in format, as such, each piece of flooring covers more area and then becomes more sensitive to the deficiency underneath. As a result the disturbance is felt and seen with greater influence. Most deficiencies in flooring inevitably come down to the uneven level of a subfloor. Unevenness and inconsistencies in the sub-floor will manifest differently depending on the flooring material and installation method used. Problems that are common include sinking floors that may squeak or bounce when under pressure. Engineered flooring and laminate floors with a compromised sub floor have a tendency to separate at the joints. Forced to bend and alter its’ shape to stay in place. Excess pressure will cause the flooring to warp, crack, or separate; resulting in bumps in higher areas, and a squishy spongy feeling in lower areas. Tiles naturally will not line up corner to corner, and may even crack because mortar is not evenly applied underneath. Baseboards will not be able to lie flat on an uneven floor and will cause gaps, as the baseboards to will have to flex to try to stay tight to the floor. A properly leveled sub floor will yield flooring that feels nice and solid, and lasts longer! Floor leveling is by far the most powerful reason laminate flooring has obtained a negative reputation as poor quality flooring. However, real wood and engineered flooring are also prone to the same complications if the floor leveling is not inspected and corrected if required. Dealing with a wooden sub floor is much easier to work with than a concrete sub floor; however in both cases, the solution is adding leveling compound to low spots or if possible, grinding down the high spots. When dealing with Nail down installations, cement compounds cannot be used because the fasteners holding down the flooring will cause the compound to crack. When dealing with leveling issues regarding nail down installation, a combination of plywood, construction paper, and an electric planer are crucial for proper results. Always inspect your sub floor and act accordingly to make sure your floor leveling meets the installation requirements of your brand new flooring.

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How We Level Your Floors

Floor leveling has been a very challenging endeavor for us to get right. We have been in business since 2007 and our techniques and experience has grown since then to be able to offer the highest quality service. Our unique approach to wall to wall leveling allows us to be the most affordable on the market, while providing a flexible and sometimes mixed strategy to level and or flatten your sub-floors for a smooth and problem free flooring installation.

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In theory what we do is quite simple. The challenge is in the process and execution in dealing with the concrete compound; to provide the desired results while leaving your home, office, or facility, as if we had never been there.


We have specialized lasers that help us assess the condition of your sub floor. We can then determine and measure the flatness in your floor relative to its absolute level. This can be tricky to understand and explain, but we are more than happy to provide an onsite consultation to simplify the process.


Levelness is fundamentally a relative matter. It occurs when two point are at identical elevation, which is not to be confused with flatness. If you can imagine a half pipe, a LEVEL bar will always indicate its level when the bar is parallel to the half pipe, however a half pipe clearly is not FLAT. Consider that incrementally the more the bar is set perpendicular to the pipe, the more a LEVEL bar would indicate it’s NOT at all LEVEL. The same is true with your sub floor on a smaller scale, and the more it matters when multiple rooms are involved. As such, we take careful measurements of your entire floor. We then prepare your floor for the compound, and we add the leveling compound to preset targets to achieve our desired expectations. Our calculated approach allows us when required to be able to provide better than industry standard results. We can truly leave your sub floors flat and level with no deviation above and beyond the common 1/8” over 8-10’ span that most manufacturers call for, if that is what your intention is. So whether you require to raise a section or the entirety of your floor by 1″ or more, or simply require a skim coat for a smooth finish, we can confidently do this.


Drawback of the Screed System 100

The screed system 100 is an extending level that doubles as a screeding bar. Because it is fixed on only 4 points to determine level, it is flawed in its design when dealing with very large spaces, or where multiple rooms are present. The beauty of our technique is in two principles. First, we know precisely the elevation and the discrepancy of every point in the sub–floor, no matter how large a space or how complex the layout. Secondly, the precision of our technique allows us the versatility to provide and combine mixed results. So even within the same project, if your budget or your requirements vary, due to changing conditions of your sub-floor or different floor product, our services are very accommodating.

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Next Level Leveling Vancouver is a sister company of CMO Flooring. In the flooring industry it is a well known fact that deficiencies in subfloors are the primary cause of general flooring failures and flooring disasters. In efforts to keep CMO Flooring installations to the highest quality possible, CMO Flooring early on began a separate leveling team. As the company grew and the demand for both residential and commercial flattening and leveling grew, so did the team until Next Level Leveling was born. As such, we specialize in floor leveling and sub floor preparation. However, being connected to CMO Flooring, we can assist you with Hardwood and Laminate flooring products and professional flooring installation as well – with the highest of quality, reliability, and integrity as cornerstones in our business practices. We are very grateful for the customer support we have had through all these years. Like any healthy relationship, it is one that through give and take has prospered and served mutually through all these years. Thank you kindly Vancouver for allowing us to grow a solid and complaint company we are proud of!

Sr. Project Manager

My name is Olin Cardenas. Spanish heritage, born in Mexico City, brought up in Beautiful Vancouver – And very happy to be here! I originally gave hint to my age as i wrote this and changed mi mind… I have been in the flooring business since 2009…

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