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The reality is that all hard surface flooring requires a subfloor that is ideally level but even more importantly – truly and utterly FLAT. Whether you are floating your floor over underlay; fixing it down with staples or cleats for a nail down installation; or using a full spread adhesive or mortar for glue down or tile installation – it may be laminate wood tile or stone – Today’s Flooring really begins with the condition of your subfloor. The leveling service is very important before installation in most cases.

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Leveling Service Important Details

Leveling Service

The seriousness of this cannot be overstated. Furthermore, the importance of a flat subfloor is now more crucial than ever because the flooring of all kinds is now getting larger in format, as such, each piece of flooring covers more area and then becomes more sensitive to the deficiency underneath. As a result, the disturbance is felt and seen with greater influence. Most deficiencies in flooring inevitably come down to the uneven level of a subfloor.

Unevenness and inconsistencies in the sub-floor

will manifest differently depending on the flooring material and installation method used. Problems that are common include sinking floors that may squeak or bounce when under pressure. Engineered flooring and laminate floors with a compromised subfloor have a tendency to separate at the joints. Forced to bend and alter its’ shape to stay in place. Excess pressure will cause the flooring to warp, crack, or separate; resulting in bumps in higher areas, and a squishy spongy feeling in lower areas. Tiles naturally will not line up corner to corner, and may even crack because mortar is not evenly applied underneath. Baseboards will not be able to lie flat on an uneven floor and will cause gaps, as the baseboards to will have to flex to try to stay tight to the floor. A properly leveled subfloor will yield flooring that feels nice and solid, and lasts longer!

Floor leveling is by far the most powerful reason

laminate flooring has obtained a negative reputation as poor quality flooring. However, real wood and engineered flooring are also prone to the same complications if the floor leveling is not inspected and corrected if required. Dealing with a wooden subfloor is much easier to work with than a concrete subfloor; however, in both cases, the solution is adding leveling compound to low spots or if possible, grinding down the high spots. When dealing with Nail down installations, cement compounds cannot be used because the fasteners holding down the flooring will cause the compound to crack. When dealing with leveling issues regarding nail-down installation, a combination of plywood, construction paper, and an electric planer is crucial for proper results. Always inspect your subfloor and act accordingly to make sure your floor leveling meets the installation requirements of your brand-new flooring.

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